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Designed for video editors, Motion is a powerful motion graphics tool that makes it easy to create cinematic 2D and 3D titles, fluid transitions, and realistic effects in real-time.

The design of Apple Motion takes into consideration the needs of editing professionals, providing a simplified interface that allows users to easily create titles, transitions, and effects for Final Cut Pro.

Its modern interface is tailored to match Final Cut Pro and focuses on enhancing the user’s workflow experience. Quickly locate resources through the visual content browser, and build dynamic graphics using the logical layer list, comprehensive timeline, and keyframe editor. Customizing the interface to fit your workflow is straightforward.

In terms of color adjustment, users can utilize the advanced color wheel, similar to Final Cut Pro, to adjust hue, saturation, and brightness. Combine color and hue/saturation curves with the eyedropper tool to locate and modify specific color ranges. Precise keyframe control allows users to adjust color correction over time.

Switching between different color spaces, such as Rec. 709 and recommended 2020 color space, is seamless in Motion, supporting the use of camera lookup tables (LUTs). Additionally, users can apply custom LUTs from professional color grading applications like DaVinci Resolve and popular websites like PremiumBeat to give their graphics a unique look.

Apple Motion boasts a powerful 360 VR dynamic graphics workflow, allowing real-time output to VR headsets for designing 360° titles, generators, and filters that seamlessly map to VR scenes. Apply these effects instantly to your Final Cut Pro timeline or share them effortlessly on platforms like YouTube, Facebook, and Vimeo.

Create text using your favorite fonts and adjust its position, opacity, and rotation. Manipulate vector-based characters with original clarity and easily add text behaviors for complex word and character animations. Motion is built on the CoreText engine, ensuring accurate rendering of letterforms, characters, and emojis every time.

  1. 2D and 3D Titles:
    • Design 360° media, titles, generators, and effects.
    • Create 3D titles using templates or instantly convert existing 2D titles to 3D.
    • Easily craft visually appealing titles with 100+ drag-and-drop behaviors and intuitive text animation tools.
    • Customize 3D titles using 90+ Apple-designed 3D materials.
  2. Motion Graphics for Final Cut Pro:
    • Save and access titles, effects, transitions, or generators directly in Final Cut Pro.
    • Personalize Final Cut Pro titles, effects, and transitions by opening them in Motion.
    • Build Motion Templates with parameter combinations controlled through sliders, pop-up menus, or checkboxes in Final Cut Pro.
    • Use Display Aspect Ratio snapshots for templates supporting multiple aspect ratios.
  3. Stunning Effects:
    • Choose from 230+ behaviors for natural animation.
    • Achieve precise chroma keying in a single step.
    • Adjust focus points or depth effects for Cinematic mode videos shot on iPhone (requires macOS Monterey or later).
    • Design particle emitters or select from 200 presets for real-world effects like smoke and sparkles.
    • Utilize professional masking tools for quick drawing and adjusting control points for rotoscoping.
    • Automatically detect, track, and match the movement of faces or objects using machine learning.
    • Add the Neon filter to effortlessly incorporate a neon glow to text, shapes, videos, and more.
  4. Effortless 3D:
    • Transition from 2D to 3D by adding cameras.
    • Create realistic 3D scenes within a 360° project.
    • Set up dynamically animated realistic shadows with camera and light movement.
    • Transform any shape, video plane, or paint stroke into a reflective surface in 3D space.
    • Import third-party USDZ objects or choose from 60 premade objects in the Motion Library.
  5. Breakthrough Speed, Quality, and Output:
    • Import wide color HDR images, view them on supported Mac computers, and export in standard Rec. 709 or wide Rec. 2020 color space.
    • Improved performance and efficiency on Mac computers with Apple silicon.
    • Unparalleled performance with optimizations for M2 Pro, M2 Max, and M2 Ultra chips.


 macOS 13.5 or later

8GB of RAM (16GB recommended for third-party effects and plug-ins)

Metal-capable graphics card (Intel-based Mac computers only)

4.7GB of available disk space.