What is a digital download or electronic delivery?

A digital download is an electronic method of obtaining a document, file, or software package. It typically arrives through the internet, often via email, and enables immediate access to the purchased product for downloading. Now we provide the software download from Google Drive.

Can a license be used on more than one computer?

Yes for downloadable software.

Can I move my license to a different computer?

Yes, our retail licenses allow you to transfer your license to a different device. This feature comes in handy when you upgrade your laptop or PC. Don’t forget to keep your Product Key secure, so you can easily activate it on your new device. Please be aware that you must uninstall the software from the previous computer before transferring it to a new one.

Do you offer refunds?

We carefully review each refund request on a case-by-case basis and make every effort to issue a refund whenever feasible. Nevertheless, there are some situations where we are unable to grant a refund, and those circumstances are explained in greater detail in our Refund Policy.

How to ask for assistance with installation, a refund, or an exchange?

Please contact us by email at support@affordablesofts.com

Are all software programs full versions that can be used for life?

Each software product provided is guaranteed to be the full version. The majority of our offerings grant lifetime access for use. However, it’s worth noting that a select few are subject to a specified usage period, as clearly indicated on the respective product page.

How do I find the items I need on this website?

We offer an Ajax Search Filter form on every product page, allowing you to easily search for any desired product. Please enter the software keywords to search for the software you are needed.

How can I get the best price or special offers?

If you plan to purchase multiple items from our website, kindly reach out to us via email or chat for a coupon.